Friday, November 9, 2007

State of The Yankees

I was sick this past week with tonsillitis, so I figured I would catch up on the state of the team since I last blogged. Rivera and Posada are still unsigned. Reportedly, Mariano has not responded to the Yankee offer. I am not sure what to make of that, but most pundits seem pretty sure that he will be a Yankee. The Yankees are raising their offer to Jorge, hoping to entice him to forgo free agency and remain with the club. Andy Pettitte declined his option, but this was not as much a decision as it was a delay, as he stated that he needs more time to decide his own fate. Brian Cashman said that he was unlikely to trade any of the big three prospects, and tons of third basemen were brought up in the rumor mill. Bobby Abreu had his option picked up, a logical move when you consider the production they would have lost in the middle of the lineup, letting ARod and Bobby go. Also, being that the team's top prospects are outfielders, it is logical to make a short term commitment to someone who is essentially keeping the position warm until Jose Tabata and Austin Jackson are ready.
In our poll, it seems most of you liked the choice of Joe Girardi as manager. In this weeks poll, you get to choose the third baseman.

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