Monday, November 19, 2007

Quiet Weekend

Since the ARod news broke, not much else has happened to the Yankees. For that matter, it seems that this free agency period is going to move very slowly across the league, as the weakness of the free agent field has teams reluctant to make large commitments to marginal players. It seems that the trade market may prove to be far more interesting. Anyways, it seems that Alex and Mo will be back, and the roster is starting to take shape. In the upcoming weeks, I will be running a feature called "What to expect from..." where I will attempt to predict the 2008 numbers for various players, mostly those that did not perform according to their track records in 2007 or are too young to have a track record. I will probably have the first one up by Wednsday.
In the poll that was rendered moot by Alex resigning, Scott Rolen and "other" (probably Tejada, who I neglected to put on the list) were in the lead for a while, until the ARod news broke, pushing Rodriguez into the lead. Anyhow, there is a new poll up, vote and then leave comments here.

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