Wednesday, November 14, 2007

ARod Redux?

There is a story that came up on Lohud Blogs in the comments section a few days ago that has now taken on some steam. It seems that ARod has reached out to the Yankees through back channels, behind the back of Scott Boras, and is attempting to make a deal to return to the Bronx. I know I said I would not take Alex back and felt the team could benefit from being built in a different manner. However, a friend of mine put it well to me this morning. The Yankees biggest need is a third baseman and a power right-handed bat, and ARod meets both needs. The only way he can be accepted back, however, is if he meets two criteria. Firstly, he must come back at a discount to allow the Yankees to explain their about face. If he takes a cut to make up for the Texas money, both sides save face. Secondly, he must do this without Boras, at least on the surface. If he ditches Scott and takes less money to return to New York, that will go a very long way towards winning back fans who considered his opt out unforgivable.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think he will get rid off Borass but A-Rod will agree to the framework of the deal then tell Borass to finish up the details. Andrew Jones did the same in his last contract with the Braves. Andrew and his dad made the deal against Borass advise and Borass was left just to tie up the loose ends. Hell for 5%, Borass should be happy. That's over 13 million.