Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mets Interested in Posada

According to the NY Post, the Mets have, as expected, targeted Jorge Posada as one of their offseason priorities. This should make for an interesting battle between the New York teams for the All-Star backstop's services. To me, the Yankees have to give Jorge whatever he wants, even if it entails giving him a fourth year. My feelings in this regard have nothing to do with sentiment towards Jorge or animosity concerning the Mets. It is a matter of practicality. The Yankees top catching prospects, Cervelli, Romine, and Montero, are all at least two years away. Jorge has shown great durability, so I dont expect him to be a Giambi like albatross in the last years of a four year deal. Furthermore, if he starts to break down after two seasons, the Yankees can always plug in whichever one of their catching prospects that happens to be ready at that point, and move Jorge to first. After losing A-Rod, losing Jorge's ability to hit from both sides of the plate with consistency would be catastrophic. Obviously, I feel even more adamant in this position due to the interest of a certain club from Queens. 4 years, 52 million should get it done.

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